Evolution: Theories, Types and Examples

  • Ahsan Abbas University of Peshawar, Peshawar
Keywords: Evolution, Theories, Types, Examples


Harmony is a two-way evolutionary change involving two or more species. Trend is the result of the interaction between them. The various interactions that exist between biology - competition, exploitation and reciprocity - lead to significant results in evolution and diversity in relation to questions. Some examples of evolutionary systems involve the relationship between parasites and their hosts, plants and herbivores that feed on them, or the antagonisms that occur between predators and their prey. Covariance is thought to be responsible for a number of different phenomena, of which we today appreciate the variety created by the interaction between species. In practice, proving that dialogue is a matter of harmony is not an easy task. Although the interaction between the two species is seemingly perfect, it is not reliable evidence of coevolveary process. One approach is to use phylogenetic studies to test whether there is a single pattern of such diversity. In many cases, when the phylogenies of two species coexist, it is assumed that there is harmony between the two lineages.