Unit Cell: Features, Network Permanence and Types

  • Saleem Gulzar PhD Scholar Minhaj University, Lahore
Keywords: Unit Cell, Features, Network, Permanence, Types


Unit cell is an imaginary place or region that represents the minimum expression as a whole. That in the case of chemistry, the whole atom would be a crystal consisting of ions or molecules, arranged after a structural pattern. Examples embodying this theory can be found in everyday life. For this it is necessary to pay attention to the objects or surfaces which show a certain repetitive arrangement of their elements. Some mosaics, base reliefs, coffered ceilings, sheets and wallpaper, may be included in the general terms considered by the unit cell. To make it clearer, we have the image above which can be used as wallpaper. In it, cats and goats appear with two alternate senses. Cats are upright or upside down, and goats are facing up or down. This is a repetitive structuring of cats and goats. It will suffice to reproduce the unit cell across the entire surface, using the translation, the translator's movement, to construct the whole paper.