Evolution Of the Global Phosphorus Cycle

  • Ahmad Abbas University of Sargodha, Sargodha
Keywords: Evolution, Global Phosphorus, Cycle


The phosphorus cycle is the storage and circulation of this element from the hydrophile, lithosphere, biology and the environment. It is a sedimentary type of biochemical cycle whose storage phase is mainly on the sea floor. The cycle begins with the erosion of phosphate rocks, water, air, and living things. When the rock wears out, it carries away the phosphate-carrying particles in pieces, which get into the soil or are dragged into the water bodies. Phosphorus absorbed by plants as phosphates through their roots is absorbed into your body and used in metabolism. Thus, it travels from the geological phase of the cycle to the biological phase where it circulates through food or traffic nets. This stage begins when herbivores use plants and get phosphorus from them. This element then travels to carnivores, which feed on herbivores and return to the soil through excretion or when the organisms die and rot.